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About Us

      Story of EM3 and What We Plan To Do About It?

While many have worked hard to achieve great things, some had it harder than others.


"EM3" was a stream in the Singapore educational system till 2008. They finish last when it comes to academic streaming. Our founder was part of that system and he certainly didn't excel academically but he is always out there playing and found his passion in sports.


Sports By EM3  is here to provide sports opportunity to our participants to learn and explore new sports! Life is not about competing to be the best! It's about learning and enjoying everything you do! Therefore, EM3 has come up with the Learn-To-Play (LTP) Programme for Tennis & Softball!

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Mission of em3

To educate and inspire individuals through the love of Softball, Tennis or Fitness with excellence and professionalism.

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How are we doing it






We won't know until we try. Everyone starts somewhere.


  • Sports By EM3 will guide you with an Active Start.

  • Explore and experiment your talent with our Learn-To-Play Programmes.

  • You're in love with the sport because the sense of achievement keeps you going. That's where you're gonna be Active For Life!

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